Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I think for those who study IT should know what is HTML la, so maybe a lot will wonder what can i write about HTML right? you all wrong liao...HTML in cha da bo world mean HOW TO MAKE LOVE..wuhahah, correct ma, i guess make love is one of the chao da bo hobby, agree or not all cha da bo who read my blog??

so today i will teach all chao da bo 5 position to make HER fly high and those cha bo please la don worry 1st....i will give u all 5 posiiton to make ur chao da bo ask for help also?? isn't it great?? But maybe next post la as if i get good response for this post first let start haha

5 Best position for HER


This position is very easy , just lie between her spread leg and watch her eyes to eyes while supportign ur weight with ur elbow, insert your penis into her and parrallel to her vaginal wall, and this will bring sentional to her and of cause you


This position is great for those chao da bo who want to let ur "HER" dominates you while maximize your plesure hehe, it is also very simple, have her draw her knee up until she is in kneeling position, stradding our hips and sit on top ur pelvis. During action , you can touch her clitoris and play her breast


This position while you sit on the chair or bed edge, ask her squats down on penis, she control the movement and penetration, which can be quite deep and bring pleasure for both of you, you pula can cares her upper body and breast during action, it is perfect position for outside the bedroom haha


This one is a bit same as WOMAN ASTRIDE, but the only diffrent is encorage her to turn around and face away from you, this CREATE G-SPOT simulation for her, and she will like it, at the same time, this position will help you hold longer, chao da bo, you like it?? To increase sensatioanal , have her palce her feet flat on floor between you, enjoy it!!


Your HER will enjoy this because it simulates the side of the vaginals wall, you can insert as missionary position first then later lie accross her pelvis, there is one conslution about this position, ALL ABOUT HER SEX

ok la chao da bo, there is still got alot of position, do not so tam sim want to know all la, by this 5 positision i think you already can make HER fly high and ask for more hehehe

Gals, please do not think that this threat is dirty or yucks, making love with the one you love is a gift from god and evryone got the right to enjoy it, so girls must learn more " kai fang" when making love, make your cha da bo love you more, there is one old saying" Man conquer the world, woman conque the man and woman get the world" agree ?? wuhahaha

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Post dedicated to liang mui

I create this blog " chao da bo" for quite some time already la, but never post before because

1) not enough time, u know la, chao da bo always got many kang tau, where got so much time sit and write a blog like other

2) As anyone know , my language subject score A2, because malay p7, enligh p5, so 7-5 =A2 lor, thanks for liang mui reminding me of this

3) i purposely want to let all my fanssss wait , want to let them wait until cannot wait come "ngai " me write a blog , liang mui is one of them :)

so liang mui you see i treat u so good, specially create a post dedicated to you, kam muan already? actually at first i also don know what to write, but at last thanks to you because you help me brainstorm about " hormon unstable"

So suddenly i think of why the world so unfair?? all the girls got the right of hormon unstable everymonth, and they can do whatever they like on da bo , but poor da bo cannot fight back and not dare to fight back also la...hehe. if fight back sure kena kuat kuat.

I know those gals read my blog until here sure #@$&% , wait la, haven't say finish ma, haiya to all the da bo , please la, if you face the above situatiob b4, tahan lor, what to do , cause your mom raise you up so hard already, your gf you sendiri choose one, your wife next time want to suffer 9 month to born baby for you, so what you expect more? 1 month kena 1 times from them sap sap sui la...don't complain so much la... ** if it is ur lady boss hormon unstable, then you chap shang urself, cause cantonese got 1 words, 忍无可忍,无需在忍 but please dont apply on the person you love or love you, to those who special one, the da bo must 忍无可忍,还是要忍

haha , after 1st blog, seem like the mood of wrting blog come liao, but seem like a rojak blog, what word also you can find on my blog, but what to do, if i write too deep, later all people complain me again....but i have to stop here first cause chao da bo got kang tau again, want to go out liao , at the same time want to see how is my fanss reaction 1st, haha